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Our expertise is backed up by an extensive experience in security of embedded devices, with special emphasis on attack and exploit prevention. Years of research are the genesis of our solution!

We’ve developed a wide range of security products for various types of embedded/smart devices used in different fields of life and industry such as: wearables, smart home, retail environments, automotive, smart buildings, ICS, smart cities, and others.

Core principles:

  • Easy to integrate:
    • No source code modification
    • Easy to implement
  • Low effect on speed and energy consumption:
    • Minimal impact on a device
  • Make it difficult and costly to exploit and leverage software vulnerabilities:
    • Eliminate entire classes of vulnerabilities
    • Break exploitation techniques
    • Contain damage and prevent persistence
    • Limit the window of opportunity to exploit

When it comes to solutions, it is worth mentioning that we cover most vulnerability classes and that’s why we’ve developed a wide-range of solutions.

All these solutions could be used either together or separately.

With help of our team of experienced researchers we could lend a hand to devices vendors at each stage of the production process. But not only this type of help could be given – we are ready to analyze targeted attacks and constantly monitor them on their devices, boosting developers’ knowledge and increasing significantly end-point security level of monitored and analyzed devices.


Dr. Ilia Medvedowski

Dr. Ilia Medvedowski

CEO, Founder

Dmitriy Evdokimov

Dmitriy Evdokimov

CTO, Co-Founder

Donald P. Anderson

Donald P. Anderson

VP of Business Development

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