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16 October, 2017
by Alexander Ermolov

Embedi’s experts go on wandering around the world to share their expertise and experience with other cybersecurity professionals.

12 October, 2017

Have you ever wondered what a typical ATM is? Well, to say it is a plain simple cash dispenser would be an understatement. The design of an ATM is incredibly complex: it consists of various devices, each of which requires a specific firmware. No wonder, a lot of security solution developers jumped up into action trying to make ATMs as impenetrable, unhackable, and protected as possible.

20 September, 2017

Come visit Embedi team on IoT Solutions World Congress, October 3-5 Barcelona, booth A179.

Our technical team would be glad to tell you about:

12 September, 2017

Miss the incredible possibilities given by swiss-cheese-holed D-Link routers? On September 11, in his article, Pierre Kim, a cybersecurity researcher, painted a bleak picture of vendors' attitude to 0-days in their network devices.

11 September, 2017

The presentation intended to tell some technical details of exploitation a vulnerability that was found during our research. The successful exploitation of this vulnerability was demonstrated by George Nosenko at GeekPWN Hong Kong 2017. However, the following topics would be covered:

29 August, 2017

Not long ago Kaspersky security specialists conducted research. They showed it was possible to hack ATM with a drill (you could find a link on the WIRED article). The funny thing is that if you’ve got Embedded System Security (by Kaspersky), it will be even easier to hack your precious ATM devices. Do you want to know what can (and will) go wrong?

24 August, 2017

It's high time to learn how cunning cyber criminals can use Intel AMT powerful capabilities to achieve their malicious goals. See the captivating story of hacking Intel AMT with all its twists and turns and awe-inspiring details with your own eyes. The freshest and the hottest presentation "MythBusters: CVE-2017-5689 – How Intel AMT could be broken completely" from HITB 2017.

08 August, 2017

Humanity benefits from technological advancement greatly. Although modern devices are smart, they're still susceptible to cyberattacks. At BlackHat 2017, Embedi's experts stole the show with their latest research on Intel AMT. We didn't take it for granted and went on researching.