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08 August, 2017

Humanity benefits from technological advancement greatly. Although modern devices are smart, they're still susceptible to cyberattacks. At BlackHat 2017, Embedi's experts stole the show with their latest research on Intel AMT. We didn't take it for granted and went on researching.

27 July, 2017
July-27 - BlackHat sessions, Las Vegas. Researchers from Embedi successfully delivered their talk “Intel AMT stealth breakthrough,” not only telling the story behind the CVE-2017-5689 and the vulnerability found earlier in May, but also highlighting new ways of stealth-vector attacks with the help of some of AMT features.
26 July, 2017
The intention of this talk is not only to show the story of “her majesty” Intel AMT vulnerability, or the CVE-2017-5689. This report describes possible ways and scenarios of exploiting the vulnerability as well. In addition this white paper outlines some new interesting “undocumented features” of Intel ME/AMT that can be used by an attacker.
20 July, 2017

Cybersecurity awareness is a must. Thus, Embedi is happy to present its latest research on Bitdefender Box’s security.

12 June, 2017

The age of IoT is on our threshold. Many large-scale companies have already started developing security solutions to make this brave new world safe. One of possible, we may even say, surefire approaches is to create a device which would connect to a network and protect other devices in it. Let’s discuss the efficiency of the given approach in

31 May, 2017

Time waits for no one. Neither does cyber-security. To keep pace with the latest cyber-security trends Ivan Yushkievich (Embedi) and Alexander Bolshev (IOActive) conducted a thorough research of ICS mobile security. And now they are finally ready to present it at

17 May, 2017

Times have changed and this year “The CONFidence 2017” have appeared in a brand-new format. However, the organizers have managed to preserve its unique spirit, gathering experts and specialists from all over the world in one huge cyber-security community.

16 May, 2017

May 17 - Berkeley. Georgy Nosenko, from Embedi, has shown a 0-day exploitation in Cisco and won the first prize for his efforts.

During GeekPWN this year, we witnessed attacks on home routers, bike-sharing companies, Android mobile phones, Android tablets, self-balance scooters, smart doorbells, socket, bulbs, cameras, Internet

08 May, 2017

May 12-14, Hong Kong. Embedi will participate in a smart-devices hacking contest at Dream Cruises. GeekPWN is an biannual event which takes place for the 5th time. It is an open hacking contest, where the contestants choose their own targets.

05 May, 2017

May 5, 2017 – Embedi For the first time since Intel made the Intel ME vulnerability known to the public, Embedi has now been granted permission to reveal the technical details publicly. Embedi, which detected the Intel AMT vulnerability in mid-February of this year, feared releasing the details before it was fixed would spark attacks on