14 November, 2017

Skeletons in the closet: MS Word vulnerability almost 17 y.o.

Skeletons in the closet may cast the shadow of danger over the lives of people who do not suspect of their existence. So, just imagine either at home or work on a daily basis you use probably the most popular package of office applications – MS Office. Have you ever thought that this reliable little […]
10 November, 2017

Book of recipes. The exploit development for Cisco IOS

Several hours ago George Nosenko delivered his latest research at POC2017 and revealed the intricacies of Cisco vulnerabilities exploitation. However, we understand not all of those interested in cybersecurity could attend the event. That is why Embedi is happy to present the first (and only) collector’s limited edition of what George proudly calls his “book […]
30 October, 2017

November 9-10, Seoul, Korea POC2017 “How to cook Cisco. The exploit development for Cisco IOS”

Miss good old Cisco IOS vulnerabilities? Well, uncle George is going to bring you some and describe how to execute an arbitrary code in the operation system. He will provide a brief although extensive set of recipes on how to exploit Cisco vulnerabilities. FYI, there will be no need to jot George’s recipes down – […]
24 October, 2017

The Mother(board) of Vulnerabilities! Large vendors are at risk.

Embedi’s experts have delivered their latest report at H2HC on the CVE-2017-5721 SMM Privilege Elevation vulnerability in the firmware such vendors like Acer, ASRock, ASUS, Dell, HP, GIGABYTE, Lenovo, MSI, Intel, and Fujitsu are at risk. We said we were going to release the full text of this research really soon. A promise made is […]
16 October, 2017

October 21-22, Sao Paulo, Brasil H2HC 14th edition “UEFI BIOS holes: So Much Magic, Don’t Come Inside”

Embedi’s experts go on wandering around the world to share their expertise and experience with other cybersecurity professionals. This time, Alexander Ermolov, researcher, reverse engineer, and information security expert, goes to Brazil to the H2HC conference and will deliver Embedi’s research team’s latest findings on the vulnerability in the firmware of GA-Q170M-D3H motherboard. You will […]
12 October, 2017

Hack ATM with an anti-hacking feature and walk away with $1M in 2 minutes: Kaspersky Embedded Systems Insecurity

Have you ever wondered what a typical ATM is? Well, to say it is a plain simple cash dispenser would be an understatement. The design of an ATM is incredibly complex: it consists of various devices, each of which requires a specific firmware. No wonder, a lot of security solution developers jumped up into action […]