Embedi MicroPatcher

Vulnerability fixing without rebooting a device


MicroPatcher is software solution developed specially for automated creation of security micropatches. A device is patched without involvement of a user.


MicroPatcher was designed to give vendor a possibility to easily implement security patches for known vulnerabilities. This tool differs from the others: it has a part that should be installed on the server side.

From the latest news, some forum topics, internal testing results, messages of your security team, a third-party researcher or a bug bounty software, you find out that there is a vulnerability in your device code. Sure thing, the vulnerability should be closed ASAP to secure your clients and reputation. Response speed is growing more important with every year. You merely have no time to revise your code, and to wait until all clients download and install security updates. It should be also born in mind that the very rebooting may be seen as an unwanted or even annoying action by users.

And that’s exactly what MicroPatcher is made for.


Installation of patches without rebooting a device, process or a work stoppage. Security is remote and transparent for a user. We make the process of security updates release easier for you.

This means, that:

  • a device is updated in a timely fashion
  • a device does not require a reboot
  • a device is patched im-memory and does not require any interaction with a user

Advantages for developers:

  • Credible tool designed for rapid security fixes
  • Reduced costs on releasing unplanned builds (your release cycle is not affected in any way)
  • Quick critical vulnerabilities fixing
  • Simple and elegant solution that makes a negligible impact on a device output
  • Competitive advantage


  • Automated patch creation
  • Zero-knowledge about system
  • Minimal patch size
  • In-place fix
  • Update-without-downtime
  • Patching proprietary third party components

Non-updated firmware. 1-day vulnerability exploitation


Minimal unsecure time delay. Without restarting a device.

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